January Open, Bismarck, ND, January 18, 2014

Tournament Crosstable

January Thaw, Bismarck, ND, January 11, 2014

Tournament Crosstable

Wachter Open, Bismarck, ND, November 16, 2013

Tournament Crosstable

2013 ND State Championship

Tournament Crosstable

2013 NDCA Scholastic

Tournament Crosstable

Team Results

1st-Flasher (6 players, 13 points)
2nd-Lisbon (5 players, 11 points)
3rd-Fargo North (2 players, 6.5 points)

1st-Flasher (10 players, 15 points)
2nd-Cheney Jr High WF (12 players, 14 points)
3rd-Ben Franklin Jr High (2 players, 10 points)

1st-Longfellow Elem (4 players, 14.5 points)
2nd-Flasher (8 players, 13 points)
3rd-Saxvik (10 players, 11.5 points)

1st-Flasher (8 players, 11 points)
2nd-Longfellow Elem (3 players, 8 points)
3rd-Grace Luth (1 player, 5 points)

Individual Results

1st-Annabelle Slemp (Flasher, 2.5 points)
2nd-Alexandra Slemp (Flasher, 1.0 points)

2nd Grade
1st (tie)-Arie Bratrud (Flasher, 3.0 points), Isaac Jochim (Flasher, 3.0 points)
2nd-Owen Tebben (Longfellow, 2.5 points)
3rd-Jada Borogafsky (Flasher, 2.0 points)

3rd Grade
1st-Isaih Soori (Grace Luth, 5.0 points)
2nd (tie)-Reet Goyal (South Elem WF 3.5 points), Katherine Engelbretson (Longfellow, 3.5 points)
3rd-Josh Noonan (Flasher, 2.5 points)

4th Grade
1st-Micky Kenney (Longfellow, 4.5 points)
2nd-Chelsey Weisbeck (Saxvik, 4.0 points)
3rd-Logan Schmidt (Flasher, 3.5 points)

5th Grade
1st-Mason Strand Taragos (Longfellow, 5.0 points)
2nd-Enoch Satrom (Centenial, 4.0 points)
3rd (tie)-Payton Schlafman (Shilo Christian, 3.5 points), Dreylyn Waanatan (Circle of Nations, 3.5 points)

1st (tie)-Sawyer Kenney (Ben Franklin, 5.0 points), Andrew Niehaus (Ben Franklin, 5.0 points)
2nd-Hunter Roth (Flasher, 4.5 points)
3rd (tie)-Cade Busek (Sullivan Jr High, 4.0 points), Rose Soori (Grace Luth, 4.0 points), Grant Schafer (Flasher, 4.0 points), Mason Roth (Cheney Jr High, 4.0 points), Thomas Bye (Cheney Jr High, 4.0 points)

High School
1st-Stuart Wolf (Bismarck, 5.0 points)
2nd (tie)-Matthew Koppenger (St Marys, 4.0 points), Zach Heidenreich (Flasher, 4.0 points)
3rd (tie)-Brooks Kenney (Fargo North, 3.5 points), Tyler Smith (Lisbon, 3.5 points)

2012 NDCA Championship

Three players finished tied for first place with Nikita Barabanov of Fargo winning the title on tiebreak over Scott Hogfoss of Fargo and Mike Sailer of Grand Forks.  Other sectional winners included Alex Braun from Fargo, Roger Buerkle from Fargo, Matthew Koppinger from Bismarck and Joseph McNamara from Fargo.

2011 NDCA Championship


2010 NDCA Championship


2009 NDCA Championship


2009 Scholastic

K-1: 1 Blake Pember, 2 Taragos Mason, 3 Mickey Kenney
2nd Grade: 1 Zach Bigelow
3rd Grade: 1 Sawyer Kenney, 2 Alex Wright, 3 Keshava Katti
4th Grade: 1 Dylan Henry, 2 Logan Strand, 3 Jeremy Pember
5th Grade: 1 Tucker Lehr, 2 Joshua Court, 3 Brooks Kenney
6th Grade: 1 Elias May, 2 Colton Brunette, 3 Neeraj Advani
7-9 Grade: 1 Matthew Koppinger, 2 Vibhav Singh, 3 Carl Steele
10th-12th: 1 David Eckman (can go to Denker National High School Champions event at US OPEN), 2 Austin Battles, 3 Andrea Steele Oak
K-3rd grade team results: 1 Longfellow Elementary Fargo, 2 L. E. Berger Elementary West Fargo
4th & 5th Team results: 1 Longfellow, 2 Washington Elementary Fargo
6th grade team results: 1 Cheney Middle School West Fargo, 2 Ben Franklin Jr High Fargo
7-9 Grade Team results: 1 Oak Grove Lutheran Fargo, 2 North High School Fargo
10th-12th grade Team results: 1 South High School Fargo, 2 Oak Grove Lutheran Fargo

2008 NDCA Championship


2008 NDCA Speed Chess


2008 NDCA Scholastic

Scholastic Individual Results K-3
Scholastic Individual Results 4-6
Scholastic Individual Results 7-9
Scholastic Individual Results 10-12
Scholastic Team Results K-3
Scholastic Team Results 4-6
Scholastic Team Results 7-9
Scholastic Team Results 10-12

2007 NDCA Championship

2007 Speed Chess


2007 Scholastic

High School
Junior High
High School Champion is Luke Diekman (Luke won a Blitz playoff agaisnt David Eckman) Junior High Champion is Carl Steele (Carl won a Blitz playoff against Austin Battles)

2006 Abe's Open


2005 Turkey Day Open


2005 Harvest Moon Open


2005 Back to School Open